Monday, 23 February 2015

Top 10 update

I have updated the top 10 most viewed creatures again and unfortunately Ophiocordiceps, the zombie fungus failed to regain its position as #1 from  Menura, the Lyrebird which has increased its lead since last time.  The corpse wearing assassin bug Acanthapsis petax has been overtaken by the giant worm Megascolides australis  and the inflatable frog Breviceps namaquensis has managed to secure its place as 5th most viewed animal from outside the top 10 not too long ago.
Macrocheles rettenmeyeri, the parasitic mite that becomes a foot and Phengaris arion the butterfly who would be queen of the ants have made their way back into the top 10. They have knocked out the only plant Hydnora africana, the parasitic plant and the only crustacean Odontodactylus scyllarus who can literally punch so hard it tears water molecules apart. This last one is a bit of a disappointment for me as it is a really cool animal and it used to be in the top ten back when they were well above the rest of the pack. I considered those four to be invincible.

On the bright side there are now 3 insects in the top ten, Yay, go insects.

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