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Top ten animals

Last updated 02 - 09- 2015

Top ten

1. Acanthaspis petax The predator which wears its victims corpses

2. Menura (Lyrebird) the sound mimicking bird.

3. Epomisthe beetle which hunts its predators

4.  Ophiocordiceps the zombie fungus

5. Hemeroplanes triptolemus The caterpillar who is a master at bluffing. 

6. Loa loa The parasite that gets under your skin

7. Hesiocaeca methanicola the animals that live on Methane ice

8. Calyptra the blood sucking moth

9. Helicoprion  the shark with a scary mouth.

10. Bagheera kiplingi the vegetarian spider.

Creatures which have recently been knocked out of the top 10:

 Bipes biporus The lizard that looks like a worm-mole.

Nyctibius the bird which doesn't look real.

Paedophryne amauensis The frog the size of a pea.


  1. Love the zombie fungus....HEY .... this is a really unique blog ~

  2. Unique blog indeed..... love the zombie fungus ~