Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Top ten update

People seem to like the top 10 most viewed creatures so I will continue to give these updates.

The zombie fungus Ophiocordiceps is trying to regain its rightful place as king and is currently only one page view behind Menura the pretender (pun intended).

Meanwhile the inflatable frog Breviceps namaquensis has swollen all the way to seventh place from its recent exile. A surprise new entrant into the to top 10 Hydnora africana the parasitic plant has made its way to the top ten as the only plant since Rafflesia arnoldii got knocked out. This is particularly surprising as it is coming from number 136, only a few days ago and we all know the older creatures have an advantage. It is not a particularly charismatic organism, I guess the whole root parasitism is appealing.

The two creatures which made way for these two are Phengaris arion, the parasitic butterfly that would be Queen of the ants and Macrocheles rettenmeyeri the mite that becomes an insect's foot. Two very high quality candidates in my opinion.  This

Epomis, the beetle that hunts its own predators has been hovering around the base of the top ten for ages, the last few times I have updated the page it has just missed out with enough page views to overtake some of the species which have been knocked out.

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